LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection


LeafFilter Gives You Clog Free Gutters – GUARANTEED!

The LeafFilter™ gutter protection system (www.leaffilter.com) is America’s #1 professionally installed gutter guard. With more than 25 million feet of gutter guards installed on homes across America, our team has the expertise to ensure that nothing but water will enter your gutters.

Why You Need LeafFilter Gutter Guards

When your gutters clog with leaves and debris they overflow with rain water – and, that can be costly. Overflowing gutters can lead to thousands of dollars in home repairs, including: roof rotting and leaks; landscape erosion; sidewalk and driveway cracking or shifting; exterior staining; and foundation leaks, cracks or damage.

How LeafFilter Gutter Guards Work

The LeafFilter™ system features surgical-grade, stainless steel micro mesh protection that is completely sealed – only water gets into your gutters. By keeping gutters clog-free, LeafFilter’s gutter protection system will prevent the headache of having to deal with roof, structural, and foundation issues.

Why LeafFilter?

1) No holes, gaps or openings
Only water gets in – guaranteed! Other gutter guards have openings that allow leaves and debris to enter and clog your gutters.

2) Industry-Leading Warranty
We offer a lifetime, transferable “no clog” warranty. Competitors limit their coverage to 10 or 20 years. Or, they offer to clean clogs. Get lifetime protection with LeafFilter.

3) We install on your existing gutters
If your gutters are in good shape we can install LeafFilter on them. There’s no need to buy new gutters with LeafFilter.

4) We do NOT disturb your roof
Protect your roof and your roof warranty. Other gutter guards disturb your roofing material. LeafFilter does not interfere with or impact your roof in any way.

5) Stay safe, stay off the ladder
Our customers know that they will never have to clean their gutters or downspouts.

Find Out More

To learn more about how LeafFilter gutter protection:

  • Visit www.leaffilter.com.
  • Call (800) 290-6106 for a free estimate.
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