Extreme Parenting – Essential Parenting Tips Inspired by a Dad on the Track

You may think nothing could possibly be more exciting or fast-paced than being a NASCAR XFINITY driver, but think again. Parenting comes with a whole set of unique challenges and triumphs that bring the thrill of being on the track right into your own home. As a dad of two, Blake Koch, along with his wife Shannon, knows just how rewarding being a parent can be. The family enjoys spending time together both on and off the track, and are truly as tight knit as can be.

Want to learn how to parent, even in extreme conditions? Check out these five essential parenting tips inspired by Koch!

1. Set aside quality time to spend together

There’s a reason this is the number one parenting tip. Spending quality time together is important to create bonds between family members. If scheduling is difficult, get creative. Even a trip to the grocery store can become an adventure to remember! On occasion, Koch will even bring his family to the track, where he’s able to squeeze in some quality family time. This is tough to do when he’s always on the road during racing season, but he knows just how important quality time can be. Koch’s family is a great source of support for the driver, and is always there to cheer him on, even if they’re watching from home.

2. Support their interests

Supporting interests is essential to parenting a well-rounded child. Whether they’re interested in dinosaurs or fashion, or math or philosophy, it’s always important to foster those interests through support and encouragement. For example, Koch’s family supported his interest in racing, which took him to new heights and great success. Support can simply be engaging in a conversation about their favorite topic or activity, or it can be as involved as participating right alongside them. However you decide to support your child, know that it truly makes a difference. Doors open when children are supported.

3. Work to find a balance

If you’re on the road a lot, stuck at work late, or pulled in millions of different directions, it can be hard to find a balance. Get to know your family’s unique wants and needs, and do your best to meet them. It will be a joint effort, but in the end, finding a balance can lead to tighter family bonds.

4. Model a good behaviors

Parents become the models their children look up to as they grow. As a role model, it’s important to mirror the characteristics and behaviors you’d like to see reflected in your children. As a pro athlete, Koch constantly demonstrates good work ethic, sportsmanship, and teamwork to his children. As they look to him for a model, they’ll learn how to adopt these positive traits in their own lives. As a parent, you’re a model for tomorrow’s leaders, teachers, doctors, armed forces, and maybe even NASCAR drivers. That’s not a responsibility to take lightly!

5. They grow faster than a racecar takes to make a lap – enjoy the time while you have it

You’ve heard all the sayings – “Kids grow faster than weeds!” “13 going on 30!” “They grow up in the blink of an eye,” and more. These sayings may be the ultimate cliché, but they’re not wrong. Kids grow up incredibly fast. Take the time to appreciate how much your children have grown. You can’t stop time, but you can pay closer attention (which is almost just as well!). Relish those moments when they hit their milestones, and document as much as possible. With the technology today, it’s never been easier to capture moments on video, and take as many photos as your heart desires. Cherish every moment.

Blake Koch is a fantastic parenting model. He balances a sport he loves with supporting his family, and it pays off! Tune in to watch Koch in the NASCAR XFINITY Series – you may just catch a glimpse of his family supporting him on the sidelines!

Have you used any of these tips? How have they worked for you? Are we missing any tips? Share in the comments!

Blake Koch takes parenting to new extremes