Top 6 Hot Spots Around Road America

With the end of summer coming up, you’re probably itching for a getaway. With the upcoming NASCAR XFINITY race at Road America is the perfect time to take an end of summer Wisconsin vacation. The area around the track is known for it’s award winning dining options and fantastic sightseeing opportunities.

With so much to do, how is one supposed to pack in all the best experiences in just one weekend? We’ve got you covered. Check out these top 6 hot spots around Road America, and finalize your end of summer getaway plans at long last.

  •  Boneyard Paintball Plymouth, WI

    Boneyard Paintball

    Plymouth, Wisconsin

    There are plenty of food options in the area (which we’ll get to in a minute), but for the NASCAR fans who happen to be adventure seekers, Boneyard Paintball is just the place for you. Put on your best camo gear and get ready for an adrenaline rush during a strategic game of paintball. Between the NASCAR XFINITY race at Road America and a long game of paintball, you’ll definitely work up an appetite. Be sure to check out the restaurants below to recharge after all that fun!

  •  Lola's on the Lake Elkhart Lake, WI

    Lola’s on the Lake

    Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

    After an intense day at the races, take a second to kick back and relax for a bit. Catch a meal and a breathtaking view at Lola’s. You won’t want to end your Wisconsin vacation without tasting the state’s famous cheeses, so start your meal off right with the Wisconsin cheddar plate. Then, as you gaze out at the lake, enjoy the decadent duck breast or savory filet mignon paired with a special bottle of wine. Of course, to top off your ultimate relaxing getaway, order their famous chocolate hazelnut croquentine. You’ll come back from your Wisconsin vacation raving about this restaurant – we guarantee it!

  •  Paddock Club Elkhart Lake, WI

    Paddock Club

    Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

    Located in Elkhart Lake’s historic district, this beautiful restaurant is a must-stop during your Wisconsin vacation. You’ll enjoy high end cuisine with a twist, like their jalapeño lime braised pork shoulder or their Thai coconut curry salmon. But don’t fill up on the main course; make sure to leave room for dessert, too! The malted milk chocolate crunch is at the top of our favorite sweet treats list. The cherry on the cake is the atmosphere and friendly staff, which, together, round out the perfect dining experience.

  •  Elkhart Inn Elkhart Lake, WI

    Elkhart Inn

    Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

    Elkhart Inn is a fabulous sit down restaurant where you can count on quality, locally sourced food. Past visitors love their seafood offerings, like the mouth watering lobster tails. They also buzz about the drink specials, like the cappuccino martini. If you’re travelling with a special someone, you’ll definitely want to bring them here for  a fun, memorable experience.

  •  Three Guys and a Grill Elkahrt Lake, WI

    3 Guys and a Grill (and 3 Guys and a Pizza Pie!)

    Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

    So your favorite driver won the race (that’s Blake Koch, right?!), and you’re ready to celebrate. What would be better than a juicy cut of charcoal grilled prime rib roast and raising a toast with one of their specialty mixed drinks? 3 Guys and a Grill is just the place for you. But, if you’d rather eat a more casual meal, check out 3 Guys and a Pizza Pie for a slice of their ooey gooey specialty deluxe pizza. These 3 guys know their food, that’s for sure!

  •  Bettersweet Bakery Plymouth, WI

    Bettersweet Bakery

    Plymouth, Wisconsin

    If you want freshly made baked goods to snack on during the race weekend, you might want to plan ahead. Bettersweet Bakery has the best treats around, but is order ahead only. There is  no storefront, but you can bet your planning will pay off. Past customers absolutely love all of the bakery’s offerings, but some favorites include raspberry lemon poppy seed cake and white cupcakes with salted caramel filling and milk chocolate frosting. If you accidentally forget to place your order ahead of time, you just might find a few tasty treats at the Saturday morning farmer’s market in downtown Elkhart Lake.

Come cheer on Blake in the Road America 180 Fired Up By Johnsonville race at Road America, and don’t forget to check out these awesome local businesses while you’re in the area!

What are your favorite places to visit around Road America? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you!

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