Phoenix Coffee Shop is Hotter than Coffee

We are happy to announce the hottest coffee shop in Phoenix, Songbird Coffee and Tea House. We recently published an article featuring hot restaurants to visit near Phoenix in honor of the DAV 200 there this weekend, but coffee is it’s own category! Here’s what we had to say about Songbird:

“In need of a good cup of joe? Check out Songbird. A local favorite with even better coffee. The atmosphere is hip and relaxing and the staff is amazing. Stop in to try Chai Tea Latte with a Nutella Poptart. That’s right, Nutella Poptart. Need we say more?”

Want to know why Songbird is the best around? Check out what Marissa Eisenbrei, our community outreach manager and coffee guru had to say:

“Coffee is like nectar from heaven for me, and music is one of my passions (I’m talking the old classic music). Songbird has both. When I choose places for our lists, I like to pick places people will genuinely enjoy. This is a one-of-a-kind joint with an even more unique atmosphere. Everyone needs a good coffee, and there’s nothing more I love than being in a laid back environment while enjoying my coffee.”

We are excited to announce nomination and cannot wait for all of the Blake Koch fans to stop in and try it!