5 Minutes with Blake Koch

We had a quick chance to sit down with Blake Koch to talk about everything from his first job, his pre-race rituals, and what he looks forward to most around the holiday season.

1. What was your first job that you had outside of motorsports?
I worked at the information booth at City Place in Palm Beach, FL. I wore a vest and all!

2. Where is one place that you would love to visit?
I think I would like to go to Greece with my wife and family. I have an aunt that lives there from my mom’s side. (Aunt Maria)

3. Do you have any Pre-Race rituals? If so, what are they?
Just stay hydrated with AQUAhydrate and energized with Celsius. Also, MRO Chapel service is key!

4. What is currently your favorite song or artist to listen to?
I’m not going to lie, the Adele song is fun to sing in the car when no one is listening! Hahaha!

5. What are your top-3 things to do with your family during the Holiday season?
We are in Florida for Thanksgiving, so we spend time with family there and I like to live the Salt Life and fish. When we get back to N.C., we take the kids to see Santa at the mall and then play with the kids new toys after Christmas

6. Have you made a Christmas list yet? If so, what is the number one item on your list? How about Carter’s (son) list?
I don’t have a list, but I am sure I tell my wife things all year that I want and she is good about remembering. Carter wants Mohawk warriors, Monster Trucks and a trampoline.

7. Top-3 iPhone apps…GO!
-YouVersion Bible app
-Mad Skills MX
-Weather Channel

8. NASCAR drivers have to stay active and fit, so how do you stay active during the off-season?
I get private lessons with my buddy Brian at the Rock MMA.

Blake Koch with Son_LeafFilter