Photo Hunt Challenge – Alert Today Florida 300

Blake Koch finished a strong 20th (after dealing with a wrecked car during qualifying) and is sitting in 13th place overall following NASCAR’s Alert Today Florida 300.

Enter to Win a Blake Koch Autographed LeafFilter Racing Hat

Find the differences in the two pictures below and enter to win! Picture #1 below is the unaltered shot from a pit stop with Blake Koch and the LeafFilter #8 Toyota Camry.  We’ve changed five things in Picture #2. Identify as many differences (HINT – You only have to find one to enter) as you can between Pic #1 and #2. We’ll pick one winner at random to receive a Blake Koch autographed LeafFilter Racing hat. Enter below – entries are accepted until 3/15/2015!

Picture #1 – The Original

Blake Koch Alert Today Pic 1
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Picture #2 – What’s Different?

Blake Koch Alert Today Pic 2
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What’s different? The answers.

1) The tire being carried by the pit crew member is missing the word “Eagle”

2) The infield grass has a different pattern.

3) The car at the rear of the pack is missing from the track.

4) The LeafFilter logo is different on the pit crew member’s back who is working on the front, driver side tire.

5) The letters “E” and “A” in the word “LEAF” are filled in on the back driver side quarter panel.

Blake Koch Alert Today Florida 300